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There is a clean hygienic operation theater, developed on international norms. It is fitted with ultramodern equipment for all eye surgeries.


Patient resting area is an air conditioned relaxed area with soft music playing, so that your experience is totally different, than that of a hospital.


Cataract surgery is an OPD procedure. Patient need not get admitted in the hospital. Patient is discharged from center in just 2hrs.
AMO (American Medical Optics) COMPACT ICE phacoemulsifier (popularly known as laser )performs the surgery by a 2.5mm tunnel. No stitches are required. Patients have excellent vision the next day. Routine work can be started in 3-4 days. Surgery is painless without bleeding.
Various Intraocular Lenses
PMMA lens (incision is 5.5mm)
Hydrophilic foldable
Silicon Foldable IOL –Incision is 2.5mm
Acrylic Foldable
Multifocal lens, no need of spectacle after the surgery.
One can choose any of the lenses, all premium brand like Alcon, AMO, Bausch and LOMB lenses are available.

LASIK LASER (Laser Vision Correction)

Centre Offers Permanent freedom from glasses and contact lenses Eye Site Has state of art Laser Vision correction center of Central India. The Center is equipped with the latest and the fastest LASIK machin EYE-Q 400 Hz manufacture by Wavelight, Germany. We have brought to India a revolutionary eye care technology that has the potential to reduce or completely eliminate dependence on spectacles and contact lenses to see clearly. The highlights of the treatment are its reliability and the extremaly short duration of the operation. It is very popular all over the world. Your vision is one of the most valuable possessions that you have and in today's fast paced active lifestyles, the need for freedom from glasses and contact lenses is what makes laser vision correction a boon.


We are proud to say that Eye site was the first institution in central India to start world class modern glaucoma diagnosis, treatment and surgery facility. It is equipped with applanation tonometer, Pachymeter, HRT2, Humphary field analysor. Laser surgery for glaucoma is also offered.


Full treatment of diabetic eye diseases is available. Angiography (TOPCON JAPAN), for accurate diagnosis of retinal diseases. Green Laser ( Nidek JAPAN) offers laser treatment for retinal diseases. Very soon full surgical treatment of retina and vitrectomy will be started


Eye site is a one stop facility for eye care. We have a spectacle counter, so that you can also get your spectacle made at reasonable price and of course you get the quality assurance and confidence of a technically well made spectacle. All types of contact lenses such as routine wear, disposable and cosmetic lenses are available.