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The cornea is a transparent structure and the window through which we see the world. It accounts for a major part of the refractive power of the eye and is primarily responsible for focusing light rays on to the retina of the eye.

The diseases which affect the cornea and cause loss of transparency include Corneal Infections, Corneal degenerations, dystrophies, opacification of the cornea caused due to genetic disorders or heredity, and corneal thinning disorders like Keratoconus. Injuries (mechanical trauma/surgery or chemical/acid/alkali burns) are also one of the most common causes of Corneal blindness.

The cornea is an essential eye part that plays a critical role in vision and health. It is the front part of the eye which is normally transparent. The cornea helps to protect the eye from the external environment and also allows the entry of light into the eye. When the cornea becomes damaged or diseased, it can significantly impact vision and a person’s quality of life. Many corneal diseases also cause symptoms like pain, redness, foreign body sensation in the eye, or a white opacity on the cornea.  Fortunately, many treatment options are available to patients, including cornea transplant surgery, which can help restore vision and improve eye health.


Cornea Services and Treatment Options

At EyeSite Eye Hospital & Retina Centre, patients can access cornea services and treatment options to address corneal conditions. These services include:

Diagnostic testing: Comprehensive testing including dry eye workup, topography, pachymetry, and specular microscopy.

Medical treatment: Non-surgical treatment options, including medications, eye drops, and ointments, to manage symptoms and slow the progression of corneal diseases.

Surgical treatment – 

Cornea transplant surgery: A surgical procedure that replaces a damaged or diseased cornea with a healthy donor cornea to restore vision and improve eye health.

Amniotic membrane transplant, stem cell transplantation, mucous membrane grafting, and keratoprosthesis are other advanced options that are also available to us. Treatment for each patient is customized as per individual needs and requirements. 

Treatment of Keratoconus (Conical Cornea) 

Keratoconus or the conical cornea is a condition in which the normally round or sphere-shaped cornea acquires a conical shape which can lead to distortion of the image and an increase in the glass power of the eye (astigmatism). In advanced cases, it can lead to severe vision loss as well.   

People at risk include those with eye allergies, frequent eye rubbing, and a family history of corneal disease. 

An increase in the glass power may be an early indication of developing keratoconus or a conical cornea. 

Treatment options include contact lenses, C3R (Collagen Cross Linking) and in advanced cases, cornea transplant surgery (DALK / PKP).  


Cornea Specialist in Indore

Dr. Aanchal Agarwal is a highly trained and skillful cornea surgeon. Trained from the prestigious Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai, she has a wide range of experience and expertise to treat all sorts of corneal diseases. 

We pride ourselves on quality eye care with a personal touch. Because we understand that your eyes deserve nothing but the best. 


Cornea Transplant Surgery

Cornea transplant surgery is an option for patients with advanced corneal disease or damage. The hospital offers full-thickness and partial-thickness cornea transplant surgery, depending on the patient’s needs. After surgery, patients receive detailed instructions for postoperative care and are monitored closely to ensure the transplant succeeds.

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    Keratoconus is a disease where the cornea becomes thinner than normal, and subsequently starts bulging forwards. This causes a blurring of visual images and is a known progressive condition. It is a disease of youngsters, starts in the second decade and is commoner with childhood eye allergy and rubbing habit. It causes frequent change of glasses with increase in cylindrical power. Keratoconus is treated in earlier stage with semi-soft contact lenses, but such lenses would not slow the disease process.

    Now, there are a lot of advances in keratoconus treatment. One of the recent treatments is Corneal Collagen Cross-linking with Riboflavin) C3R(which is a procedure that aims to stabilize a keratoconic cornea. Kerarings are implantable rings inserted into the cornea to flatten the corneal cone, and thus, also helps to improve vision of the patient. We can even put special Implantable contact lenses called Toric ICL to improve vision further in these cases.or advanced Keratoconus, we can perform Deep Lamellar Keratoplasty or Penetrating Keratoplasty. (Corneal Grafting) Lasik cannot be done in Keratoconus

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    Cornea problems can include a variety of conditions that affect the clarity, shape, or function of the cornea. Some common cornea problems include: Corneal abrasions or scratches
    Corneal infections, such as keratitis
    Corneal dystrophies, which are genetic disorders that affect the cornea
    Keratoconus, a condition in which the cornea becomes thin and bulges outward
    Corneal ulcers, which are open sores on the cornea
    Corneal edema, or swelling of the cornea due to fluid buildup

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