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Dr. Aditya Agarwal

M.B.B.S.,(DOMS), Master of Surgery (MS), Ophthalmology, DAVV, Indore.

Dr. Ashutosh Agarwal

Consultant, Vitreo-Retina and Director, Eye Site Eye Hospital and Retina Centre.

Dr. Anchal Agarwal

Specialisation: Cornea, Refractive Surgery, Ocular Surface diseases and Cataract.

Why do People Love Us?

आपके सन्सथान में आना अनुभव नहीं अनुभूति है ।रोगी को जहां आत्मीय और स्वजन मान कर उसकी सेवा और चिकित्सा की जाती है ।शब्द कम और लेखनी अवरुद्ध है क्या कहूँ ।धन्यवाद न कह कर नमन ही करूँगी ।
Kusum Poddar
Eye Site Hospital is well known for having good team of trained doctors and good management. Eyesite hospital is well equipped hygienic and very clean too. Behavior of Doctors and staff is very good.
Reeta Lahiri
The service that I receive from Dr. Aditya Agrawal and Dr. Aanchal Agrawal is excellent. Wonderful experience with Eyesite Eye Hospital and Retina center. They treated me to get my cornea cure in just a few weeks, the practice is terrific and the staff is very cooperative and helpful. I will suggest you all to visit this clinic if you have any problems with your eyes.
Rajendra Mishra